How to activate AVG via www.avg.Com/retail:

  •  Visit www.Avg.Com/retail to redeem your license code.
  •  For registration purpose, you just need to enter your 16 digits unique code.
  •  If you are an existing user just login into your AVG account or if you are a new one then you just need to create a new AVG account.
  •  If you are using a Google Chrome browser at the left corner bottom you will see that download of AVG setup file.
  •  Click the download setup file and run into your operating system.
  •  Do follow the instruction which is present in front of your screen when it is required it will ask you to put your 16 digit license code.
  • Complete the activation and installation properly and then make a restart of your device.

www.Avg.Com/retail -Steps to Download, Install & Activate AVG Retail:

If you are on a search for security of your computer and related devices from harmful infections like Malware spyware Trojan risk ransomware and different types of threats etc. To protect your computer from the upcoming risk and harmful infection you need a good antivirus security which is very very useful towards every user. I recommend AVG Antivirus software to all of the users because AVG Antivirus it is the trending software which is highly upgraded with the Malware database so that the new definitions of Malware, spyware or any other threats can’t, in fact, your computer. For more details regarding AVG security, you need to purchase the subscription of AVG Antivirus you can visit the official website of AVG i.E www.Avg.Com/retail. you will find each and every information regarding your anti-virus security,interface and how friendly it is with the users.

The AVG Antivirus suits with safeguards your computer in every more computer as well as devices online as well as offline it will protect your data and your system devices simultaneously. Avg retail registration it is only to defend your computer from the harmful infection where is available online as well as the threat which can infect your computer offline it will increase the speed of your computer and optimize each of your software and program. AVG Antivirus it is a very unique software for the user because it will notify you about each and every moment of your system with the reminder notification.

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www.avg.com Link For Website Portal:

Make sure you are free from below points.

  • If you are an existing customer of AVG Anti-Virus make sure you update your previous anti-virus program or just uninstall it and reinstall the new AVG Antivirus software.
  • If you are using any other anti-virus software such as McAfee, Norton or Avast then you need to remove that conflicting software because it can conflict the installation of AVG Antivirus or it can just slow down the speed of your computer.
  • For uninstalling this software you just need to visit your control panel in that programs and features select the program and install it and then install the new program into your system that is AVG antivirus.
  • The minimum requirement for AVG Antivirus is fully satisfied with your device configuration.
  • Before purchasing your AVG Anti-Virus make sure you have a trending operating system or at least the minimum requirement of the operating system which AVG insist to the user.
  • The very simple thing if you are an existing customer then you just need to upgrade your trending anti-virus and you don’t need to worry about activation and installation.
  • If your computer meets the compatibility of the configuration, as well as the above points, are clear then you can easily activate your AVG Anti-Virus solution just visit www.Avg.Com/retail and secure your device.


Below are the steps to download, install and activate AVG:

  1. AVG product type which you are comfortable with and make a click on download.
  2. You need to wait till the downloading is processing it will take some time when you are downloading you are AVG Antivirus depending upon the internet speed.
  3. Open the download folder you will file the setup file of AVG the one which you have downloaded.
  4. Just select AVG setup and open the folder there will be some positive options just click on Run.
  5. A notification will pop up on your Windows operating system screen just step by step follow the instruction.
  6. Now you will see a popup page www.avg.Com/retail. Just fill up the details which is required or which you see on the on-screen like your name Email address, password and your AVG activation code.
  7. Just make sure you click on the positive option after that click next and proceed.
  8. Once the activation is totally completed you need to make sure that you will restart your computer.
  9. When your computer is totally restarted and if you see the home screen you just need to click on the AVG notification which will pop up at the right corner bottom.
  10. So now you will see your AVG user-friendly interface
  11. Make sure you go through the AVG Antivirus software very thoroughly because on the software you will understand each and every I can and its application for the safety and security.
  12. If someone has if you are landed on the license in agreement page just go through the procedure one more time will the requirements and you are ready to go with the activation button.
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So now I guess  activation of AVG Antivirus it is totally done now you don’t need to worry just put your computer on the first scan of your AVG it will take near about 15 minutes to half an hour for the complete scan it will run a good scan and removal the harmful infection from your computer.